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About Health Professional Student Association

The Health Professional Student Association (HPSA) addresses national health disparities by promoting health care practice in underserved communities. We do this by partnering with aligned organizations, academic institutions, and Area Health Center Education (AHEC) programs across the United States. We offer free guidance, advising, and assistance to students who will serve these communities’ diverse populations, regardless of a student’s background or financial means.

Becoming a healthcare professional is an arduous journey that requires prospective students to complete many hurdles. Being a successful applicant requires more than good grades and test scores. Students require volunteering and public service, shadowing, and potentially research. Students coming from less privileged backgrounds are less likely to be aware of the breadth of requirements and find themselves behind by the time they understand what is needed. They do not have the same access to resources either via school counseling, personal social networks, or personal funds to maximize their admission chances to health professional school.

Health Professional Student Association (formally Coastal Research Group), is a 501(c)3 educational nonprofit established to address health professional shortage areas by helping students who reflect the United States’ diverse population become healthcare providers. HPSA provides a wide range of resources and services for underrepresented students and those from health professional shortage areas to become successful professional school applicants.

Who We Serve

From the undergraduate student just getting their feet wet to the nontraditional student pursuing a health professional career later in life, HPSA aims to assist all students in their educational journey, regardless of background and financial resources.

Students who are coming from less privileged backgrounds, particularly underrepresented minorities and those from underserved communities, are less likely to be aware of the breadth of requirements for health professional school and find themselves behind by the time they understand what is needed to apply. These students simply do not have the same access to resources. Our goal is to bridge the information gap, helping all students maximize their chances of admission to health professional school.

Unbiased Services

The Health Professional Student Association recognizes that the value it provides to students is in its absolute commitment to quality, independence, and impact. Activities supported by its donors reflect this commitment, and all advice and recommendations are not determined by any donation.