Frequently Asked Questions
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General Questions
  • Q: Do I need an account to use Study Schedule?

    Yes, the only way we can build your schedule and help you keep track is with a free account.

  • Q: Is my information safe on StudySchedule?

    Absolutely. We collect nothing more than your email, and will not share that with any third parties.

About the MCAT
  • Q: Is it better to spend more on study materials?

    Yes and no. There are many important resources that cost money, but we recommend that you look closely at the least expensive materials first.

  • Q: How many times should I take the MCAT?

    The MCAT is a challenging and expensive test. We recommend that you prepare to do your best the first time to avoid the time and expense required to take it again. There is, however, no limit on the number of times you can take the MCAT.