Low Cost Services
Need help from someone who succeeded on the MCAT?

We understand that studying for the MCAT is overwhelming. Whether you are choosing your resources or studying content you are battling information overload. Many premedical students elect to take courses or hire private MCAT tutors.

The costs of these services can quickly add up. Responding to popular demand, we are testing a low cost service where you can get advice from medical students who scored at or above the 95th percentile on the MCAT. See example questions here.

To keep costs down as much as possible, before you pay for this service we recommend you check out the Student Doctor Network Forums to see if your question can be answered there for free.

Our service
$ 8.00/ question
  • Email Service
  • 48 hour Response Time
  • 95th%+ MCAT Scorer
  • Review your Study Plan
  • Explanations to Problems
  • Detailed Responses